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'Relative' - Behind The Scenes

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My first shoot was a quick 'in water' shoot with Ed Smith in October 2011 at Perranporth. Since then we have been shooting everything from surf following shots, cinematic dolly shots, cable cam shots, crane shots, timelapse, 'in water' audio and everything we could think of to give the film a unique look.

In Water

The main bulk of the surfing footage and a good amount of lifestyle was shot in the sea, in the waves. This is without a doubt my favourite part of filming. I hate standing on land filming surfing if there's an opportunity to get out there amongst it. Also this look really draws the audience in to the experience so much more.


We have shot a lot of different surf sessions over the last nine months or so, some more successful than others! I think throughout this we've definitely captured the ocean in many of its different moods which was definitely one of my aims. We will be talking about many of the sessions in the 'making of' video. One particular shoot over two days at Porthleven was probably the most memorable. I was due to go to Ipswich to my parents-in-law and then after months of waiting for a good forecast for one wave we were particularly hoping to get good. Porthleven hadn't been good all year and we really felt like we couldn't miss the opportunity so after some explaining I stayed behind and we were all set. Good waves, not bad light, and mid-week so few crowds, we couldn't miss this. We arrived to small waves and surfers driving away, gutted! But we saw a small fun wave off the harbour so decided to give it a go. The waves picked up, hardly anyone out and the next two days got really good fun while everyone else was looking elsewhere. Ed and Jak got more and more in tune with the waves and we got some really nice footage. I clocked up about 8 hours filming in the water and with George Martin shooting from land on day one and a mix of water and land filming from me on day two it turned into the most productive shoot we've had to date. We even got some good stills when the camera battery was running low - so I switched to stills to conserve the last of the battery.

Narrative and Lifestyle

For a long time now we have been shooting to a shot list and I've had a good idea of how the film will look for a long time. I wanted to try and push my filmmaking skills and try shots and techniques I've never tried so I've tried to be creative with all of the equipment I already had, and have also made a few different bits of kit on a very low budget. Myself and Jak made a home made cable cam rig. We've used go-pro cams as creatively as we can. I have also used a technique of recording 'in-water' audio I learned from the sound engineer Joe Bone who I worked with on The Endless Winter. I wanted to make sure that all these shots were not gimmicks but added something valuable to the film, more than just to the look, but would help the film visual portray the themes we are exploring.

Sound and Music

The soundtrack has been crucial to the film, it needed to be varied and be able to help portray the many moods and atmosphere's of the ocean. With some help from Nicolas and Tony Alexandre, Mr B has managed to source a soundtrack which intrinsicly conveys the drama and joy in the film. The soundtrack will be available on iTunes and other platforms in January 2013.