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Soul Reversal Title / Banner

Soul Reversal

Soul Reversal is a role reversal of the perceptions of soul in the form of a short bodyboarding film.

All the footage from this film was shot in one day at Porthleven whilst shooting for 'Relative'. All the water footage is by Mr B and the land footage is by George Martin.

Mr B - I have shot a lot of footage of bodyboarders in the past whilst shooting surfing. I like bodyboarding, I like a lot of the characters in the bodyboarding world and I like the filmmakers involved in bodyboarding. I have always given or swapped my footage with filmmaker Sam Buckle and been stoked to see it used so well in his films / projects. However this time felt I had a good idea for a short film and I really wanted to have a go at creating something with the footage I shot.

I have had the idea for a short article for a surf / bodyboard / longboard magazine or blog for a long time now. An article that flips the perceptions of soul surfing on it's head. Traditionally longboarding and retro surfing (and in recent years Stand Up Paddle boarding) is seen as the most 'soul surfing' craft within the ocean, and bodyboarding is probably placed at the other end of the spectrum. But if you analyse the different disciplines, the movements, the manoeuvres and the connection with the ocean, there is a good case to flip this perception on its head. That is what I have tried to explore in this film with very simple use of images, music and voice-over.

Starring: Tim Brown - Ryan Holland - Eldred Hawke - Shaun Smyth - Brooke Mason

Sound and Vision

Vision (Mr B) - The visuals for this film are very simple 'in water' bodyboarding shots supported by some beautiful ocean and action shots from land by George Martin. The visuals illustrate the ideas in the voice-over, displaying the intrinsic connection the bodyboarder shares with the ocean.

Sound (Aqualise) - The perfect track for this film already existed before the first clip was shot. This track has been adapted for the film and incorporated voice-over and sound effects to give the audience a completely involving experience, but has also shaped the look and tone of the visuals.

This film has been made with no budget, just what we could string together, and in our spare time when we haven't been looking after children or working.