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Relative DVD Now Available

PRICE - £9.99

Free collection or £2 postage.

Shop through Mr B Productions Paypal. You will be re-directed to Mr B Productions Shop after purchase.

DVD's come with:

DVD and Bonus Features:

  • Relative Movie (approx 31 minutes)
  • English Subtitles Option
  • Director / Jak and Ed Commentary
  • Making-of film (approx 9 minutes)
  • Film Trailer
  • 'Soul Reversal' - Short Our World Is Blue Bodyboarding Film (5 minutes) from Porthleven
  • Music Information
  • '6 Reasons' - 1 Minute Our World Is Blue Video

Why have we chosen the Marine Conservation Society?

Relative is a film shot in the UK aimed at inspiring people to appreciate and protect the places important to them. The Marine Conservation Society seemed the charity that most suited this aspect of conservation, therefore we have decided to give £2 per DVD to The Marine Conservation Society.

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