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Relative Release

Relative has been screened at the following film festivals:

We hope that Relative will be screened in more film festivals in the UK and worldwide.

The Premiere Screening of 'Relative' held at Coast Country went down a storm. Very well received to a packed venue the night was a great success.

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'Relative' is a short film about surfing, the ocean, family, and the places, people and goals that shape our lives. The aim of this film is to relate to everyone, whether you're a great surfer, a learner, an ocean enthusiast, or just someone with a passion for life, hopefully you will connect with this film.

Ed and Jak Smith - 15 and 21 years old - are both surfers from South East Cornwall. They live to surf and are continually looking to surf the best waves they can, but their surfing story is more than just perfect waves. As with many surfers they have a great passion for their local surf breaks, not because the waves are perfect, but because of an unexplained connection to a place, because of the friends they surf with, and because of the memories those places retain.

I hope you will connect with this film and be able to relate to something in your life, whether it's a special place, the joy of the ocean, a connection to someone, or just the love of the ever changing moods of the ocean. I hope you are inspired to take action to protect what's important to us all, starting with a place that's close or important to you...

Sound and Vision

Vision (Mr B) - I didn't want this film to be just another bog-standard surf film, not visually or thematically, I wanted to explore things important to me and still want to push myself as a filmmaker. My favourite aspect of surf filmmaking is shooting in the water, and a large majority of the film is shot in this way as I feel it not only makes the audience feel more part of the action, but can connect more with the people and the ocean through the visuals than if everything were shot just from the shore. But I also wanted to try techniques and shots I'd never tried before. I wanted this film to have more of a cinematic look than a documentary look and have tried a number of different angles, shots and techniques to obtain this. I have also looked to push my use of location audio to create a more involving experience for the audience.

Sound (Aqualise) - The soundtrack is intrinsic to the film, and helps convey the joy and drama of the film and all the different moods of the ocean,. Thanks to all the artists involved:

The Relative Sountrack compilation will be available from iTunes and other platforms in January 2013.

How it started

This film has been made with no budget, just what we could string together, and in our spare time when we haven't been looking after children, working or going to school.

This film started by accident, after returning from my main shoot for The Endless Winter, I began filming a couple of sessions in the water with Ed Smith, just to help him get some footage that would show what he can do. Jak - his brother - was often with him and so we starting getting some good footage. During this time ideas for shots and themes developed in my mind and after discussing with Ed and Jak we decided to go all out and make a film. I asked Nicolas from Aqualise if he would be interested in creating the soundtrack for the film and after many brainstorming sessions and ideas we decided to go further and create an ongoing project, and that's how 'Our World Is Blue' was born. 'Relative' was really the catalyst for the whole project.

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Thanks to our sponsors XCEL who have supported us from the start.

NT SURFBOARDS Partnership with Our World Is Blue is now void. Regrettably we have had to remove our association and partnership with NT surfboards due to none of the film sponsorship terms being met. Unfortunately we were met with almost no contact and an unprofessional attitude despite all efforts to find a solution.

We would like to thank XCEL for all their support and Toy? Factory Surfboards for helping us out.