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Our World Is Blue Music

Nicolas in the studio Nicolas in the studio again
NIcolas and Aqualise are looking forward not only to new and challenging music production, but creating soundscapes to shape the content and mood of all the audio / visual projects created by Our World Is Blue.

As well as creating new music, soundscapes and soundtracks for Our World Is Blue projects, we will also be looking to source music and discover new music and artists along the way. So please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved.

More about Aqualise

  • Aqualise is not only an artist project, it's also the first record label dedicated to protecting the oceans "Aqualise Music".
  • By creating awareness and through donations to non-profit marine wildlife organisations, Aqualise actively helps to contribute to the conservation of our environment.
  • We support non profit organisations. We organise single releases of which 100% of the profit goes to non profit organisations. We contribute to events and fundraising, and we highlight the fantastic work of our ocean friends.
  • Aqualise is Nicolas Bulostin's project, the inspiration for which is his passionate love of the sea and his desire to help preserve our oceans and sea life and raising awareness from an educational perspective.